Rosland Capital Review - Where Does This Company Rank?

Rosland Capital Review

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In this Rosland Capital review, we take a look at the business, its offerings, what we liked, what we did not like and whether we would or would not use it to invest in gold or a gold-backed IRA.

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Who is Rosland Capital?

Founded in 2008 Rosland Capital is a relative newcomer to the world of precious metals investing. Despite its youth, the company’s CEO, Marin Aleksov, lends a little bit of credibility to the whole establishment with his 20 years of professional experience in the precious metals industry.

The company maintains its headquarters at Santa Monica, California and has already been endorsed by celebrities such as Bill O’Reilly, G. Gordon Liddy, and actor William Devane (who stars in the company’s landing videos on its website). Rosland Capital has also been heavily advertised on radio and TV shows.

What Does Rosland Capital Offer?

As with any gold investment company, Rosland Capital hinges on the fact that gold, as well as other precious metals, has a more stable financial value compared to paper-based investments like stocks, treasury bonds, and mutual funds. Gold stands up pretty well against inflation, and will always hold a high value no matter what the current economic conditions are.

In light of this knowledge, companies like Rosland Capital allows people to back their IRAs with gold and other metals, so as to maintain their value throughout the years and preserve wealth.

Rosland Capital offers a wide selection of bullion, bars, coins and premium numismatic collectibles to choose from. However, its important to be aware that not all metals are eligible in a precious metals backed IRA such as numismatic coins.

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Things To Like About Rosland Capital

1. Excellent delivery time

Rosland takes pride in its ability to deliver their clients’ metals within 10 days. Some people even managed to receive their purchases in a lesser time-frame than what the company advertises.

2. Expert economist on staff

Aside from the company’s bevy of celebrity endorsers, Rosland also has an expert economist on their side. Jeffrey Nichols, advises both the company’s management and its clients, and also serves as a writer on the company’s official newsletter. He suggests that 10 to 15% of an individual’s assets should be held in physical gold.

Things NOT To Like About Rosland Capital

1. Agents are dishonest

When looking at the reviews posted by previous clients you will find that there are lots of disgruntled customers who are angry at the dishonest service by some of Rosland Capital’s agents. They reported being charged excessively high commission rates as well as being subject to deceptive sales tactics.

2. High number of complaints

There has been an unusually high number of complaints posted on the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance websites. Some of these complaints include false advertising, slow shipping and customers reporting being charged for metals that were way beyond market price.

3. Shared storage

When investing with Rosland Capital your precious metals will be placed in shared storage with other investors. Other companies offer segregated storage options for their clients who don’t want their metals mixed with others’, but sadly, Rosland does not have this option.

Rosland Capital – IRA Fees

Initial Setup Fees $50
Annual Admin Fees $225
Annual Storage Fees Not Disclosed
Minimum Purchase Amount $10,000
Preferred Depository Delaware Depository

Rankings, Complaints and Customer Reviews

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

cbbb-badge-horz a+ bbb rating

Rosland Capital has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Currently there are 18 complaints that have been closed, with most of them regarding problems with their products and service. (read more).

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Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

bca badge AAA

BCA rates Rosland Capital with an AAA. Again an acceptable rating, but there are 5 complaints that were logged against the company in recent times. Most were about the undervaluation of clients’ holdings (read more).

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trustlink badge 3.9 star rating Based on 59 reviews

Based on the reviews posted on TrustLink by customers, Rosland Capital received a 4 out of 5 star rating. Looking deeper there were many complaints about the company selling its clients overpriced coins. The overall consensus from these customers were to stay away from doing business with them.

Ripoff Report

ripoff report logo

There have been 6 complaints reported at Ripoff Report since 2010. These complaints highlight the company’s use of deceptive practices to sell overpriced coins for excessively high commission rates.

Rosland Capital Review – Final Thoughts

Is Rosland Capital a scam? Legally, no. But the overwhelming negative sentiment against the company online is a huge red flag that no one should ignore.

Before risking your wealth and retirement money with Rosland Captital, make sure to research this company thoroughly. There are other gold investment companies who wouldn’t dabble in the dishonest business practices that Rosland engages in, such as the false advertising, rude agents and pressure sales tactics that have been reported by customers.

Which Company Do We Recommend?


Official Website Client TestimonialsRecommended Packages
Give them a call: 1-844-913-7373

After reviewing all the major gold companies we recommend Regal Assets as the gold company of choice. The company holds a perfect score with the BBB, BCA and has great customer feedback on TrustLink with zero complaints filed within the last 3 years.

To learn more about Regal Assets check out this full in depth review that goes over everything you need to know about this company as well as all the factors you need to consider before choosing a gold company that’s perfect for you.

If you’re looking for a reputable gold IRA company to invest with and want more information then visit Regal Assets or give them a Call at 1-844-913-7373.

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