Gold IRA Rollover Guide - Why Invest In Gold?

Gold IRA Rollover – Why Invest In Gold?

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. –Henry Ford

You hear people talking about getting a gold IRA or 401k rollover all the time. But do you know why? Here are the cold, hard facts that you need to understand.

It’s pretty amazing how a plain banknote – a mere piece of decorated paper if you think about it – can have so much value just because certain groups of people have decided that it should be so. But that’s the reality that we have to face in our day-to-day lives.

The fiat currency that we use is essentially worthless on its own. Every time that we use it, we are banking on a social contract with other people, establishments, and financial entities that these pieces of paper have a predetermined value and can be used to purchase all sorts of products and services.

But what if this social contract gets influenced by economic factors that are beyond our control? Like recessions, political turmoil, and whatnot? What happens to our money, and in extension, other paper investments like stocks, treasury bonds, and mutual funds?

Simple: it depreciates in value. Should there be no safeguards to keep it from depreciating further, most people will be left with nothing more than stacks and stacks of worthless paper money.

What is a Gold IRA/401k Rollover?

From the name itself, one can already deduce the processes or steps that are involved in a gold IRA/401k rollover. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It simply describes the process of transferring or “rolling over” the value of assets from a standard fiat currency-based IRA account to a precious metals or gold backed IRA.

Why Should You Invest in Gold for Your Retirement?

There are plenty of reasons why someone would opt out of the fiat economy and go for commodity-based investments. The top reasons are outlined below.

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1. Preserve Wealth

A gold bar mined a couple of centuries ago will be worth thousands of dollars if liquidated or sold today (the same goes for rare gold coins). Should clients want to preserve their wealth so that their heirs’ future will be ensured, then investing in gold is the right way to go.

Gold is always in demand, and now that mining and production of new gold has slowed down in recent years, it can be expected that this metal’s value will see a dramatic increase in the near future.

2. Liquidity

Gold can be openly and easily traded or sold. Their will always be a demand for it. Most gold investment firms even have their own buy back programs that allow their clients to sell the gold that they’ve purchased back to them for a fair price.

3. Diversification

A diverse investment portfolio is a healthy portfolio. Not only can clients invest in plain gold bars, they can also purchase IRS-approved coins for their IRA accounts. Clients can even mix up their standard paper-based (e.g. stocks and mutual funds) portfolios with gold-based investments.

Most gold companies also offer a wide variety of metals like silver, palladium, and platinum for people to purchase and invest in.

4. Protection

Gold is protected against hyperinflation. Its value is essentially immune to economic influences; it does not often depreciate. It can’t be devalued whatsoever by fluctuating currency values and trends. It’s the most stable investment that one can make in these financially turbulent times.


Gold Versus the US Dollar

There was a time when the US dollar’s value was tied to the value of both gold and silver. This gold standard has since then been abandoned. Now the dollar is a true fiat currency, and is traded freely on foreign exchange markets. It does not have any effect whatsoever on the United States’ gold reserves.

Since the dollar was freed from the relative stability of gold, it’s value freely fluctuates from time to time- it can even go from one extreme to another. Despite this, most economists see a curious pattern between the value of gold and dollar. As the US dollar devaluates, the price of gold INCREASES in value. The two have an inverse relationship. gold1971

Will Your Savings Be Safe with Gold Companies?

This is highly dependent on the gold company that you will choose. As much as possible, choose one that has an excellent track record in the industry, and has been in the business for quite some time.

Check out customer feedback and testimonials online. Determine if your gold investments will be put into segregated storage and if there will be safeguards to ensure their security.

Will the Government Ever Confiscate Your Gold?

This is an issue that worry some gold investors. While there had been instances in history wherein the government confiscated gold in private safety deposit boxes, this is something that is highly unlikely to happen in modern times.

First, this happened during a time when deflation was the major financial concern, not inflation, and the dollar was still connected to gold (e.g. 1933). This is also a time when the government still has control over its value. Secondly, confiscating the gold of each and every American would probably be bad for the government’s image if they push through with it.

In a nutshell here are the benefits of a gold IRA:

1. Stability

The value of gold is stable, especially in the long-term.

2. Tax benefits

Changing gold to paper money requires you to pay income tax, but a gold IRA account has certain facilities that prevent you from paying a larger tax amount than what you would normally pay.

3. Protection

No need to worry about inflation and economic downturns on your gold investments.

Which Company Do We Recommend?


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Who Is Investing In Gold Today?




Why Choose Regal Assets?


Official Website Client TestimonialsRecommended Packages
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If you’re looking to get started in gold investing to protect your family and retirement savings against inflation then take a look at what Regal Assets has to offer.

Regal Assets specializes in gold IRA rollovers and they have the best customer feedback out in the market. They make sure to take care of their customers and maximize the growth potential of their clients investments.

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